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Web development with ruby on rails

Now more than ever, tapping into the mobile market is the key for businesses looking to be successful in the digital age. Consider, as of February 2012, almost 50% of U.S. mobile users own and use a smartphone on a daily basis. 40% of those smartphone users are using their phones to shop online and to compare prices at brick-and-mortar stores with competitors online. Mobile users are one of the biggest factors behind eCommerce breaking the $1 trillion mark in global sales in 2012 for the first time, according to eMarketer. If your company is not catering to the needs of the mobile market when you decide to build a mobile app, then you are doing severe damage to your company.

What Scares Away Mobile Users

There are many factors that ineffective mobile developers ignore that are crucial to the success of mobile applications and websites. Three of the most common are:

  • Load times exceeding three seconds
  • Lack of a built-in search engine
  • Navigation is too difficult

If your webpage or mobile app suffers from any of these three problems, then your company needs to consider using mobile apps developers who know how to use ruby on rails web development to alleviate the issue.

How Ruby on Rails Web Development Can Help

Reputable mobile development companies know how to utilize ruby
on rails web development to improve your website design and web applications so that they are more friendly to mobile users and traditional web surfers.

  • Focus on Responsive Design
  • As aforementioned, load times and difficulty navigating through web pages are among the biggest reasons mobile users abandon websites. In a word, this comes down to responsiveness. While it is said that a poor mobile website or mobile app is better than none at all, the fact is that the responsiveness granted through ruby on rails web design is the key to happier mobile users.

  • Universal Optimization
  • Responsive web design enables a webpage and application to be built only once while enabling it to be viewable and navigable across thousands of different screens. Whereas before companies had to worry about building one page for mobile and another for traditional users, rails web developers can build a single page that is usable on all platforms.

  • URL Optimization
  • Search engine optimization remains one of the most important drivers of web business. One of the best ways to improve SEO is by having only one URL for a page, regardless if it is a mobile or desktop user trying to access it. Ruby on rails web development offers that single URL to improve your search engine visibility.

As with anything, businesses need to adapt to the changing times if they want to survive in the digital age. Utilizing ruby on rails web development is one way businesses can stay current with their mobile phone app development and web design to improve their internet marketing.

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