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Plastic end caps

While your job on the construction site may require heavy industrial equipment, or your office work may benefit mightily from a complex computer network, it is often the smaller and seemingly more insignificant parts and tools that make a huge difference. These products can help you complete your work all the more efficiently, and in a safe environment that is less susceptible to complications.

In an office space, swivel casters allow for greater mobility at your desk. Utilizing the same technology that is put to use in shopping carts, the individual wheels are mounted to forks which allow them to quickly turn in the desired direction. Stationary chairs may prevent you from being as productive as you could be otherwise.

Desk grommets made of rubber can also make your job easier to accomplish by providing a convenient and well organized means of gathering computer cables together. The grommet also protects these cords from fraying and other undue sources of wear.

Cable ties, also referred to as zip ties, serve a similar function but are also used in industrial settings as well. These devices are typically made of an extremely durable nylon material, with a gear rack to ensure that the tie is tightened precisely. Colored zip ties may be ideal for easier identification when needing to sort a large number of cables.

Nylon is generally an excellent choice over zip ties made of metal because they are much more efficient in preventing chemical decay or wear caused by vibration. That being said, stainless steel cable ties are the way to go when you need a flame-resistant solution.

Hose clamps fit around hose in a similar manner to the way zip ties fit around cables. The difference in the case of hose clamps is that they serve to regulate the amount of pressure that passes through the hose. This can be critical to ensuring that the hose is used safely. in order to be sure that you are using the appropriately sized hose clamp, you’ll likely need to try securing two hoses with one clamp.

If you have further questions, comments, or recommendations on anything from the right desk grommets to the best wire management systems, do not hesitate to share them in the forum below.

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