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Spill resistant keyboard

According to Statistic Brain, there were over 95.4 million computers sold in the United States in 2011. Since computers typically require keyboards to operate, it is safe to assume that roughly the same amount of keyboards were sold in the same time frame. Importantly, keyboards, like computers, are all different, and sometimes specialized or customized keyboards are required to operate certain computers or perform certain functions.

Ultimately, most keyboards have a QWERTY layout, which comes from the first five letters in the top row. Whether you get a LED backlit keyboard or a keyboard without lights behind it, most often the first five letters will be QWERTY. However, some people customize keyboards and put keys in different spots.

Ultimately, illuminated keyboards, like LED backlit keyboards, allow users to easily see the keys, regardless of how much light is around them. Plus, backlit keyboards make it easier to type accurately in the dark, and decrease the amount of strain on the eyes. Even people with impaired visual ability can benefit from a LED backlit keyboard, as it can help them see letters a lot easier.

In addition to backlit keyboards, many electronics outlets sell wireless keyboards. WIreless keyboards allow users to adapt the position of the keyboard to fit whatever is comfortable to them. That sometimes means people can be further from the screen, which can help to reduce the strain on the eyes.

Ultimately, customized keyboards and backlit keyboards can benefit a plethora of different people. For instanced, a visually impaired person can get a keyboard with raised markings on it or illuminated lights behind the keys. Handicapped persons can even get customized keyboards that make typing and using the computer more possible than it would otherwise be, given physical limitations. All in all, backlit keyboards and customized keyboards can truly benefit many people and are an excellent technological advancement.

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