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Global health research

As the world grows more interconnected, its size seems to shrink. This makes global health research all the more important.

Global health research examines the health issues and concerns that transcend conceptual boundaries such as race, class, ethnicity, culture and national borders. These are issues of such magnitude that they can have a global political and economic impact. For example, global health research helps battle such complicated, problematic diseases like Avian Flu Virus, or SARS.

The commonality of certain health issues and concerns, such as infectious diseases that can spread from one country to the next, requires a collective effort if the world wants to conquer these challenges. It allows countries the chance to work together , and learn from each other’s experiences. It can help discover how a disease spread, what treatments are working well, and what methods of control seem to do well.

Global health is a particularly interesting field, as it sits on an intersection of both medical and social science disciplines. This includes studies of such fields as epidemiology, demography, economics, sociology, and political economy.

There is an urgent need for more global health research to bring countries and their people together. By earning a global health degree, an individual can work towards conquering these health issues. If interested in doing global health research, then it’s advised that one undertakes a global health program through an accredited college or university. Doing so gives a person a chance to really make a difference, and make the world a better, healthier, safer place. Read more: www.sph.tulane.edu

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