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A floating dock is a great way to give that extra personal touch to your homeand help make it feel like home. It also adds easy access to your nearby pond or lake for fishing and other water things.

Dock building can become relatively straightforward, especially if you follow Dock Edges’ step-by-step guide. When starting, make sure that you find a wide and level spot where you can assemble your floating dock’s foundation components. For smaller docks, you can build them upside down since they’re simple to flip. However, larger docks must be built upside down as they can prove difficult to move after having been put together.

After you’ve settled on the arrangement of your dock floating, you can start by securing all the pieces together with brackets and screws. Continually check that your dock’s frame is level and straight when you connect all parts.

Once you’ve secured that lower part of your dock, transfer it to the area where you would like it to be. Once you’ve found the right position, the floors for the dock are ready to be put in. When adding the anchors, be sure to leave gaps on the chains in order to take in any waves.

Admire your stunning floating dock that you have made for yourself!


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