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to benefits for the person in the act of to the person who committed the. There are multiple deadlines that you may pursue litigation within the state of your residence, and it’s crucial to act promptly.

A will may be challenged within 90 days, a trust could be challenged in 60 days. You can also challenge you can contest a will once you have been served with the notice.

Fraud in the inducement occurs where an actor or a person acts fraudulently in order to convince a grantor tester that something isn’t true. This is directly affecting the trust or the final will.

One could be lying about the person who is a recipient, and the person who is testing can then give money to the person who has lied.

A person can cover up the details of documents in order to get a grantor or testator to sign the document.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to believe that someone has deceived you in an attempt to get more cash out of a trust or will. However, cases like this can happen, and you need to be cautious if you’re handling trusts. Contact a probate or trust lawyer for advice.


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