Getting Ready for a Big Move? There’s an App for That


Did you know that most moves are motivated by divorce, torn families, and failing careers? Ohio State University’s Dr. Arlen Fulton describes moving as, “one of the most disruptive events in a child’s life.” With life-changing events at the heart of most moves, it is not a stretch to say that most adults find moving just as disorienting. The silver lining? With the right preparations, moving can be relatively painless, and even a welcome opportunity to start over. What are the right preparations?

Do Not Take Packing Lightly

Forty-four percent of Americans would rather brave a week without an internet connection than move, and one of the main reasons is packing. Packing is time-consuming, and can be a complete hassle, especially if you save it for the very last minute. Consider packing months ahead of time for long distance moves. Donate unused items to charity. Always pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes (and lighter items on top), and, if you want to avoid unpacking boxes of shards, do not forget to pack plates vertically. Break down overwhelming packing for cross country moves by taking it one room at a time.

Pick an Organizational Tool

Inspired by the traditional wedding binder, featured on hit shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother? Create a moving binder. Choose a binder with pockets to stow any receipts. Keep track of estimates from long distance movers, keep a list of things to move, and a directory of important phone numbers. If you prefer a more modern take on the same idea, there are a number of different Apple and android-friendly apps to help you stay organized during a big move. Popular applications include moving checklists, free moving estimates, moving company reviews, and distance calculators for cross country moves.

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone in your family. Stay organized at all times, with a moving binder or new moving app, use your organizational tools to help compare the best long distance movers, and get packing, now.


Adrian Roberts 10-07-2014, 16:28

I didn’t know wedding binders were an actual *thing* until I started planning for my wedding. I always thought they were a means of poking fun at characters who were a little too organized/OCD about things.

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