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Good Rochester blogs are written by individuals who have an intimate knowledge of Upstate New York and the greater Rochester area. In a perfect world, folks who blog Rochester should live in the area, or at the very least, have lived here at some point. The blogs Rochester is famous for have a specific Upstate New York sensibility to them, so that even people who have never been to Rochester understand what the city is like by reading the blogs Rochester offers.

Many people who blog Rochester write about Rochester hotels. There are q number of good hotels in the Rochester area, and writers who blog Rochester review local hotels in which they have stayed. There are hotels downtown, in Greece, Webster, Irondequoit, Brighton, Pittsford, Chili, Lima, Victor, Mendon, Henrietta, and Honeoye Falls. Some of these hotels are fancy and some are not. However, most of them have something to recommend about them. In reviews written by those people who blog Rochester each hotel is discussed in great detail.

There also a lot of blogs that discuss restaurants and local food in Rochester. The city is famous the garbage plate, a mishmash of comfort foods piled on top of one another. Typically, a garbage plate has one or more white hots or red hots, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, Italian sausage, steak, chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, a fish fry, or eggs. On top of the main protein is a combination of french fries, home fries, beans, and macaroni salad topped off with mustard, hot sauce, and ketchup. A number of different restaurants in the area serve this delicacy, and there are intense discussions by those who blog Rochester over which eatery serves the best garbage plate.

Food writers who blog Rochester often argue about which restaurant serves the best garbage plate in town. Many bloggers believe Nick Tahous is the winner by default because that is the site of the original garbage plate. However, some people are insistent that Fairport Hots has a better garbage plate for the cost. Pretty much all of the writers who blog Rochester agree, though, that even the worst garbage plate is worth something because it is identified so strongly with the city they love.
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