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Did you know that approximately 45 U.S. states have a horse population of 20,000? Although horses are no longer a main source of transportation in the U.S., horse riding continues to be a popular activity. Without the proper horse riding equipment and riding clothes, however, both you and your horse could be at risk for injury. As a result, it is important to obtain all the proper horseback riding gear before anything harmful occurs.

1. Helmet. It is imperative to wear a helmet while riding a horse, as this will help protect your head in case you fall off the horse. Horseback riding helmets are specially designed to protect your head in certain situations, such as hitting your head on a hard object or getting struck by a horse hoof. Without the proper head protection, you will be vulnerable to serious head injuries.

2. Horse blanket. Winter horse blankets are designed to keep horses warm when they are ridden in the cold winter months. These blankets are fitted for each specific horse in order to ensure that the body of each horse is completely covered. Horse blankets also protect horses from other natural elements, as well, such as rain, wind, and hail.

3. Boots. Much like helmets, horseback riding boots are created exclusively for riding a horse. These boots come up high on the legs of all riders to ensure that their bare legs do not rub against the saddle. In addition, horse riding boots have heels that are meant to prevent the boots from sliding through the stirrups, and they are low tread so that their soles do not get caught in the stirrups.

Before riding a horse, it is important to obtain all the essential riding clothes and gear. A helmet, horse blanket, and boots are all designed to protect you and your horse while you are riding. As a result, you can confidently ride your horse knowing that you will both be safe the entire time.

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  1. come on, seriously? people actually still ride horses? hahaha wow. i thought people stopped riding horses a hundred years ago! i mean i still see them around sometimes, but ive never seen no one ride them! boy oh boy, ya learn somethin new every day!

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