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Online entertainment

As of 2010, more than half of Americans used the internet every day and the average person spends 60 hours a month online, according to the Pew Research Center. Of that population, 45% primarily check email, 40% use search engines, 15% use social networks, and just 5% choose to play games. But to some extent, all most all of those categories can be bracketed under online entertainment. The internet is a great tool for business, research, and other serious topics, but a lot of the time spent online is casual and simply to prevent boredom or have some fun.

Many people pass the time by getting the latest entertainment news online. The internet ranks second behind the television for where people get most of their news from, and keeping up with the latest Hollywood scandals and stories is easier today than ever before. Whether an internet user is interested in finding out who got the big upcoming movie role, which couples are getting divorced, or what strange name the newest Hollywood baby got, reading sites like Entertainment Tonight online is a great option. The 24 hour news cycle would be impossible without the internet, which means it is a great way to stay entertained.

Die hard sports fans will find that the comprehensive, up to the minute sports coverage is the best source of online entertainment. Not only does the web give users the ability to stream games live, but afterwords, it is full of highlights, stats, and analysis. Fans can even tune in to streaming radio broadcasts to get sports updates throughout the day while they are at work right from their desk. As a result, the internet makes it almost impossible for serious sports fans to ever get bored.

The five percent of people who get online to play games might seem small, but that is still a pretty large population. Some 10 million people play World of Warcraft alone, and that number is low compared to when the game hit its peak. And that number is much greater if you include the massive amount of people who play Xbox and Playstation games online, as Xbox Live alone has 46 million users. Because of that, gaming – particularly if you include consoles – remains a potent online entertainment option

In reality, there are lots of ways that people use the internet to stay entertained. Some might read Entertainment Weekly online to keep up with Hollywood and others might just watch silly videos of cats and dogs. Whatever the case may be, the many facets of the internet make it difficult to be bored nowadays.

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